Positioning refers to the way in which you use advertising and other promotional techniques to create a certain perception of your company or product in the minds of target customers. Typically, you need a clear position that distinguishes your brand from competitors so customers can easily see what makes you different or better. In the long run, the more distinct and effective your position, the more apt you are to attract and retain customers.

The positioning statement is a concise depiction of your intended position. It is developed as part of your advertising strategy and provides guidance for ad developers who try to establish the position using a particular message strategy. You usually have a positioning statement for each customer segment you target, each identifying what you offer that is distinct and valuable and to whom. You might state, for instance, “We offer the highest level of customer service to high-end fashion customers looking for a personable, knowledgeable sales team.”

Positioning Values

What are relevant dimensions in your market? Pick dimensions based on identities (= things one can be known for), not product offerings. Perceptions not product features. “Better” and “cheaper” don’t build a brand. Clarify briefly what each value means in your case.
→ How to find positioning values

Positioning Matrix

Step 1: Name the axes. Pick the 2 most relevant values that can be seen as complementary to each other. Then find 2 opposite angles for both. They need to be phrased positively or neutrally. Every quadrant needs to represent a legit strategy.

Type your first value into the right-hand label on the x-axis and your second value into the top label. Add your company to the far top right. Step 2: Add competitors’ names where they are positioned in the defined matrix.
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