The Challenge
SumAll is a New York City startup building an analytics tool for digital marketing. The data platform allows entre­preneurs and social media managers to take control of their daily work by putting all of their metrics under one combined view.

The Strategy
If knowledge is necessary to make better decisions, one has to be able to access and under­stand infor­mation. A product that focuses on providing the simplest overview possible of all the activities representing a business, along with offering products to streamline the workflow of community managers and digital marketers.

SumAll: App View

The Brand

The SumAll app is bringing all of one’s data into one view.

SumAll Branding: Logo

Brand Identity
We explore many possible expressions of the brand before one rises to the top. Our strategic insights and market research ensure that we’re heading in the right direction.

SumAll Branding: Typeface Proxima Nova

The Typeface
Type is a brand manifestation and yet remains one of the least understood components of branding. Designers know, however, that the right typeface has always been a core element of a brand’s identity; just like all other design components such as color, imagery and tonality, every letter is a reflection of a brand.

SumAll Branding: Numbers Update Proxima Nova

The Numbers Update
SumAll chose Proxima Nova a few years ago because it was one of the first complete web-optimized font sets with many styles; its classic geometric sans serif design suited the brand and was not prevalent back then. Just a few months later SumAll ran into the brand issue of not being clear-cut enough. We chose to do a redesign for SumAll’s numbers. They are the most important set of characters considering SumAll is all about displaying data.

SumAll Branding: Numbers Update Proxima Nova Result

The Result
Comparing the old Proxima Nova with the new set for SumAll, the numbers are much straighter and grid-based, more masculine and streamlined.

SumAll Branding: Responsive Blog

The Blog

Based on WordPress, we created a new responsive theme ready to optimize user onboarding via the blog as a marketing channel.

SumAll Branding: Letterpress Business Cards

Print Materials

Letterpress business cards in various brand edge colors.

SumAll: Marketing Material Infographics

SumAll’s brand strategy is to turn data into insights. Over the past years, we’ve made various infographics that went viral.

SumAll: Marketing Material Infographics

Illustration Style
We developed an illustration style that helps SumAll to clearly explain their brand message: insights by showing data that is easy to consume.

SumAll’s Website