Brand Strategy + Guide

Hello! Read this to make the most of the upcoming strategy questions.
Branding is more than picking blue over yellow. Branding is about bonding with your customer. (And while you’re doing it, it also proves why you should pick green instead.) It takes the subjectivity out of design and makes sure that all future output speaks to your customers in the same voice.

Much of the work a branding agency does is guiding a company through that process. We’ve developed an easy version of building a brand strategy. You’ll have to do the clicking, but we’ll give you the process for free. When you’re done, email it to yourself.

Brand Strategy Template

In simple words, what is your company, what does it offer and what problem does it solve?


Give the reason for how your brand solves that problem.


If your brand were a religion, what would its 3 commandments be?


Who do you want your target audience to be?

Conservative Progressive
Low income High income
Pragmatic Creative
Cocooning Social
Critical Flexible

Who are your competitors?

Website & What they do well & What they do differently
What they do well
What they do differently

How well-known is your brand in the market?


If your brand were a person, which 3 aspects would describe its personality?


If your brand were a … which one would it be?

Pick & say why:

What colors could be associated with your brand?


Which items do you need?


When do you need your project done by?


What’s your main goal?


List Reference Websites You Like

Website & Why You Like It
Why You Like It

What’s your budget?