The Challenge
Bluecore is a New York City startup in the e-mail marketing automation field. Bluecore enables marketing managers at e-commerce companies to send personalized e-mail based on customer behavior.

The Strategy
We developed a strategic plan and brand personality for Bluecore, positioning them as the easiest to implement e-mail marketing automation product in their field. We designed their brand with their key communication platforms in mind, developing the visuals from the ground up.

Bluecore Branding Logo

The Brand

Bluecore’s logo represents a foundational core that brings customization and simplicity to their clients.

Bluecore Brand Identity

Brand Identity
We explore many possible expressions of the brand before one rises to the top. Our strategic insights and market research ensure that we’re heading in the right direction.

Bluecore Brandmark

More Than a Logo
The brandmark is just the beginning. A cohesive set of brand assets express Bluecore’s personality and brand values. All assets are organized into brand guidelines to ensure that the brand is executed properly across all communication touchpoints.

Bluecore Illustration Style

Illustration Style
We developed an illustration style that helps Bluecore to clearly explain their message and product to their consumers. The streamlined, monolinear structure supports their mission to simplify e-mail marketing.

Bluecore Brand Typography

Typography & Color
Clean, modern typography allows Bluecore to communicate with their audience in a clear and uncomplicated tone. A monochramatic palette positions Bluecore to own the color blue in their competitive market.

Bluecore Business Card & Letterhead

The Print Materials

Business cards and letterhead communicate in a clear and concise tone.

Bluecore Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Print
The business cards are printed 4 cp Offset + Varnish with letterpress ink colors on 160# Mohawk Loop Smooth cover white stock. All edges are colored.

Bluecore Website

The Website

Given the complex technical nature of Bluecore’s offerings, they needed a website that would simplify and explain the e-mail marketing process.

Bluecore Team Photos

Team Photos
The entire team got their picture taken – a professional and a funny one.

Bluecore’s Website