A Women’s Thing

The Challenge
A Women’s Thing is a new ad-free magazine that shifts the focus away from life­style topics to the diversity of women’s pro­fessional and personal lives. AWT is strengthening the conver­sation about women in society, culture, business and tech.

The Strategy
We developed a strategic plan and brand personality for AWT, positioning AWT as the pioneers of the Women’s Media Revo­lution, we extended the brand per­son­ality and brand identity to every com­munication channel, including the print magazine and online presence.

A Women's Thing: Future Issue

The Branding

We are creating all the visual components of the brand: a complete visual system including brandmark, typo­graphy, color, secondary graphics, and photography style. The result is a cohesive platform on which the magazine extends its mission to their audience.

A Women's Thing: Brand Symbols

Brand Identity
The AWT brandmark and symbols redefine what we think of as “women’s things.” The brand expresses the idea that there is a library of ways to explore women’s topics.

A Women's Thing: Secondary Elements

Secondary Visual Elements
We explore many possible expressions of the brand before one rises to the top.

A Women's Thing: The Money Issue

The Print Issue

AWT gets printed on a light & sustainable paper with a thicker cover stock.

A Women's Thing: Women in history

Issue 11: Money
This issue marks the beginning of AWT’s third year. It’s time to think about the future—what it means for AWT and for the women whose stories are shared.

A Women's Thing: Beyond Fast Fashion

A Women's Thing: Parker Day Artspread

A Women's Thing: Interior Designers

A Women's Thing: Nina Chanel Abney

A Women's Thing: Online Magazine

The Online Magazine

All stories that appear in print are carefully transferred into a digitial reading experience with the help of moving images, animated illustrations and web-optimized typography.

Sample Articles:

Apples & Pears Are Not the Only Fruit
Spatial Reasoning
Waste Not, Want Not

A Women's Thing: Online Magazine Centerfold

A Women's Thing: Online Magazine Mindfulness