A Brand Strategy Template and How to Use It

Write your company’s strategy with our brand strategy template + guide in under 30 minutes. You’ll have to do the clicking, but we’ll give you the process for free.

When done, email it to yourself or share it directly with your team. And if you need help with your strategy or design just let us know at the end of the doc.

We’ve simplified the brand strategy process by following these 5 basic steps:


Fill your brand strategy template out online, share a link with other stakeholders and send it to yourself via email, or, export it as a PDF.

These are the points we’ll cover:

The Problem Our Brand Solves
How We Solve That Problem
Our Brand’s Core Values
Our Brand’s Target Audience
Who are our competitors?
Our Brand’s Popularity
Personality Traits
If Our Brand Were a … It Would Be a …
Possible Colors That Could Be Associated With Our Brand
Items We Need
Project Timeline
Our Main Goal
List of References We Like
Our Budget

DIY Brand Strategy Template + Guide

Take the final booklet to your agency and start pro­ducing the material you need the right way. Or, reach out to us and we’ll help you with your copy, design and coding needs. Take a look at what we’ve done for Bluecore.