The Problem a Brand Solves

This article is clarifying the first question of the DIY Brand Strategy workshop.

In simple words, what is your company and what does it offer?

Don’t overthink this question. Simply describe your business in a factual fashion. You want everyone who you’ll be working with to understand what you’re doing. Are you selling a book, are you selling shoes in an online store or a brick and mortar store? If there’s something specific that you’re offering, mention it here, for example, “we are only selling heels to men.”

Two Examples of a Brand Description

Our company Skaterboy is an online store selling everything related to skating, from shoes to jackets to skateboards. We also have a brick and mortar store in Philadelphia. We’re solving young men’s biggest problem: “How can I be the trendiest hipster skater under the sun?”

Lips and Sticks is a 10-year old online store selling only organically and sustainably produced beauty products. The big problem our customers have is: “I don’t want to sift through thousands of products offered by all the other stores to find the ones that match my philosophy.”

In case you can’t describe the problem you are solving or if you’re not sure if your solution is even solving a real problem, the best thing to start with is doing market research.